Artwork Announcements!

We’re very happy to announce that thanks to the sterling efforts of our event team, we can announce some spectacular artworks that will be joining us on the day on the streets of Melville!

‘Ball of Stars’ by Walter Böhmer (thanks to Walter for this photo)

First up is a piece created by Jozi Burner and significant contributor to the AfrikaBurn event, Walter Böhmer – who, along with his Jozi-based crew The Starlights, designed and built the incredible ‘Temple of Stars’ that was erected and burned at the AfrikaBurn 2019 event. Representing a study on pentagram geometry, Walter’s ‘Balls of Stars’ consists of 240 pieces cut from recycled pallet wood to create a free-standing lattice of intersecting angles.

‘Firedancer’ by Alex Hill (shown) and Ananais Roberts (photo: Alex Hill)

Next up is an artwork titled ‘Firedancer’ by artists Alex Hill and Ananais Roberts. From the artists: “the artwork is a collaboration created from waste materials upcycled into art, reflecting how movement can be created out of nothing. Firedancer exudes motion and warmth, with continuous flow when viewed from any angle. As in life, partnerships and flow create something warmth out of nothing.”

Our ‘The Embrace’ by Verity Maud (photo: Verity Maud)

Our last announcement in this round of Artwork Announcements is a sublime piece that touched many people at this year’s AfrikaBurn event – ‘The Embrace’ by Verity Maud. To explain the significance, here’s word from the artist:
“The Embrace is an artwork dedicated to the human need for open hearted connection and love. It was a gathering point at Afrikaburn where hundreds of people shared this simple magic. We are bringing it to Jozi’s streets to keep that magic alive.

When we embrace, there is a deep sense that we are not alone, that we belong, that we part of something bigger than ourselves. Celebrate your ability to share the best of yourself and join us giving a receiving the best hugs of your life. We will have a massive group hug guaranteed to give you the warm and fuzzies at 3pm.”

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we head towards our date with the streets of Melville on October 12th – we’ll have a list of Mutant Vehicles from the AfrikaBurn coming soon, as well as a growing list of performances and activities on the day. For more info on ways you can get involved in our event, please see below.

Get Involved!

Just like our Obs event, Streetopia Jozi is wide open to the contributions and participation of anyone who would like to get involved in the various aspects of the event.

Artworks / Mutant Vehicle / Performance / Activities

If you’d like to bring a creative project along on the day to share with the community of Melville, please feel free to get in touch with our event team on [email protected] – we’d love to hear from you, and would be very happy to discuss how your contribution could fit into our event schedule and area!

Market Traders

If you’re a market trader and would like to sign up for a stall on the day, please use our Streetopia Jozi Market signup form.


As with all of our Streetopia events, the whole affair is driven by volunteer culture and we can always use extra hands – before the event date, and on the day itself. On September 28th, we have another Volunteer Day happening in Midrand, which involves paint, fabric, sewing and generally getting to know some great humans who’re closely involved in creating & staging Streetopia Jozi.

To find out more about our Volunteer Day, take a look at the Facebook event page, or contact Tug on [email protected] / 076 894 9066

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