Mutant Vehicle Announces!

We’re very happy to be able to announce that at our very first Streetopia Jozi on the streets of Melville, we’ll be joined by a number of amazing mobile artworks on wheels that have featured at past AfrikaBurn events – and these are known as Mutant Vehicles. But what is a Mutant Vehicle? Here’s the definition:

Mutant Vehicle: a unique, motorised creation that either shows little or no resemblance to their original form, or to any standard street vehicle, or is out of context from its normal setting.”

‘Karoo Krawler’ by Garfield, Duncan and Tyler Taylor.
(thanks to the Taylors for this shot)

First up is the amazing ‘Karoo Krawler’, which was created by Garfield, Duncan and Tyler Taylor. Here’s word from the crew:

“The primary inspiration for the Karoo Krawler was to create a ‘Human Powered Vehicle’ which is a celebration of the simplicity, effectiveness and joy of human power. In the design our inspiration came from the weird and wonderful insect world. The Karoo Krawler was built for the open space of the Karoo; the spectacular span of the hand-built wheels enabled the vantage point of the seat to be high up to take in and enjoy the expanse of the environment. When you are riding on the Krawler you are floating along on the back of an extraordinary graceful creature. Garfield, Duncan and Tyler built the Karoo Krawler for the ‘Mirage’ AfrikaBurn event in 2012.

‘Burn Bug’ in the wild on the plains of the Tankwa Karoo at AfrikaBurn.
(photo: Kuba Granicki)

Second, we welcome Kuba Granicki’s amazing 6-legged ‘Burn Bug’, which features a beadwork head and tail, along with its 6 furry legs. Is it an insect, or is it an alien? Nope: it’s a Burn Bug!

1.21 Jigawatts of power: the Time Machine
(photo by Jeremy Lichtenstein)

Next up, for lovers of flux capacitors and time travel is ‘The Time Machine’ by Jeremy Lichtenstein and his crew. Here’s word from their Space Marshal:
“If you’re reading this then we are coming in hot from the future. This is Space Marshal Jeremy Lichtenstein. Co-ordinates have changed, I’m landing in Melville September 2019? Repeat do you copy? Is anyone there? The time machine has been altered slightly by the time flux. Hybrid fusion thrusters are running optimally, and we’ve managed to create a forcefield with the help of our new dylithium crystal, so we could bring our friends the Ant riders and their trusty bug. We’ve travelled the space time continuum and made many friends at many burns, in the past and future. We helped saved the world and no one knew it was ever in danger and we befriended creatures that mere mortals may only dream of. We’re here to help spread fun and awesomeness across the universe, and being that some of our highly trained time riders are members of the fun police, rest assured we’re bringing all the fun to Melville!”

‘Donkey’ by Greg Mulford and the Through The Rabbit Hole Collective
(photo: Greg Mulford)

Stand back, folks – this Mutant’s mounted with a plasma cannon! Consisting of a beast of a chassis and a fearsome front end, ‘Donkey’ has sparked imaginations and Mad Max dreams wherever it’s roamed. Careful, kids: this one’s not for the touchy-feely, so look but don’t touch (unless the driver says it’s OK).

‘Dodger’ by Greg Mulford and the Through The Rabbit Hole Collective
(thanks to Greg for the photo)

Mutants come in all shapes and sizes – even as bunny cars, like the lovely little ‘Dodger’, who is as he does: he’s a friendly bunnyfied mutant that pleases both kids and adult alike.

‘Dinky’ by Greg Mulford and the Through The rabbit Hole Collective
(thanks to Greg for this shot)

Lastly in this announcement of Mutants at Streetopia Jozi, and wrapping up the D-titled vehicles created and generously contributed by Greg Mulford and the Through The Rabbit Hole Collective, is Dinky! As his name suggests, he’s only small, but he’s got a big heart.

Massive thanks to all Mutant creators that have stepped up to add their creations to the mix on the day – we look forward to seeing them all on the streets of Melville (and seeing the reactions from kids and adults!).

Stay tuned for more updates – we’ve got some great stage announcements coming up (one of which is in itself a kind of mutant vehicle – and one that’s helping to save the world from plastic pollution).

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