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You’ve waited and wondered – and now the waiting and wondering is over, because we’re now able to announce the full lineup of our two amazing stages!

Thanks to the sterling efforts of our team members Thandi O’Hagan, Siyabonga Mthembu, Lebohang More and Cian McClelland, our first Streetopia Jozi has the pleasure of hosting a wide range of performers. On the day, you’ll be able to look forward to a delicious soundscape consisting of ancestral spiritual, fusion, jazz, funk, disco and house – and even a sprinkling of opera!

Each stage will feature a schedule that kicks off at 10am and ends at 6pm, and these are the lineups:

Dung Beetle Stage (7th Street & 1st Avenue)

10:00 – The MarketPlace Dance
11:00 – Intro to African Reclaimers Organisation with Manape Shogole (music by Combars Frican Deep)
12:00 – The Dung Beetle Project
12:30 – Andrew The DJ
14:00 – 7de Laan Funked Up with Lola & Egoligal
15:00 – The General and Paul Boyter
16:30 – DJ’s Glenno and Tommy Karpinski w/Joao

Lucky Bean Stage (7th Street & 5th Avenue)

11:00 – Azuri Street Symphony
12:00 – Plonk Plonk
13:30 – NONTO
15:00 – Sun Xa Experiment
16:00 – The Brother Moves On
17:30 – Combars Frican Deep

Our stages in 7de Laan are bought to you by Lucky Bean and The Dung Beetle Project with curation support from Trip the Light Fantastic and Egoligal.

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