About Streetopia

Streetopia is a series of events that take place across South Africa. The events are self-organised and run by the nieghbourhood, and are a celebration of community, creativity and collaboration.


What is Streetopia Jozi?

It’s a free one-day event organised and funded by AfrikaBurn in collaboration with residents & civic organisations based in Melville, where the streets are filled with art, sculpture, mutant vehicles, performance, music and market stalls.

It doesn’t feature big-name acts, or the kind of heavily-branded big stages you might find at other festivals. Rather, for one day the aim is to keep it villagey, intimate, spontaneous, open to collaboration, a space for causes and social activism – and completely free.

When is Streetopia?

Well, it's our first time, so we're just having it whenever we feel like, and that's on the 12th October. 

The official schedule runs from 10am to 6pm.

OCT. 12 - 10am to 6pm


Where does the event take place?

It's going to be centred around 7th Street in Melville, but apart from this main area, a number of activities take place at participating art studios, cafés and restaurants throughout the neighbourhood. To get info on these, check out our Event Guide, which is released one day before our event date and is also available throughout the event area for free.

How much does it cost?

It's 100% free!

As a non-profit community based event that relies heavily on community participation and the spirit of volunteering, nobody’s looking to make any money from the event – but it does still cost a lot to stage it. If you’d like to know more about the costs and logistics involved or would like to support Streetopia with funding, please check out our Donate page.


Who organises It? And why?

AfrikaBurn (the organisation that holds an annual arts event each year in the Tankwa Karoo) has a sister organisation based in the area, and after successfully hosting a Streetopia Obs the two partnered up to create another city experiment. As such, the event is being created this year  through the collaboration of AfrikaBurn, Jozi Burners, the Melville Residents Association, and a range of artists and NGO’s based in the area.

This collaboration will continue – and preference in terms of contributing activities (and also in terms of the market stalls) will always be afforded to residents of these areas, in order to ensure the event is accessible to those who live closest to the event area. It’s a community and family affair.

Streetopia is a non-profit event: all involved are simply enthused to gather community together and fill their homes with creativity and family-friendly activities – and if the result is social cohesion, then that’s a job well done.


How Is It Funded?

It's being launched through seed funding from AfrikaBurn and Jozi Burners, as well as through some additional funds provided by various businesses and community members.