As a community event, Streetopia is open to collaboration from residents, artists, businesses and anyone who's interested in contributing to the event in any way. It's your event - and on the day, the streets are open to you. The only limit is your creativity and imagination.

There are many ways you can participate:

  • - stage a performance

  • - create an artwork and display it

  • - take a stall in the market

  • - volunteer to assist the event team

  • - host activities in one of the event areas

  • - support the event through a donation


Artists, performers and residents, get in touch with us. 

Streetopia would not happen - or be as vibrant and diverse - without the involvement of the artistic community and residents of Obs and surrounding areas, and there are many ways to get involved. Create an artwork, stage a performance, make some home-baked goods or by dress up in costume to add to the colour and vibe of the day - or simply attend with friends & families to enjoy the wide range of activities the event will feature on the day.

If you're interested in contributing an activity to the event, email [email protected]


Are you a band member, a live music performer or a deejay?

There aren't many stages at our event, and most performance spaces are created through the efforts of the performers themselves. The few stages that do feature are usually booked up very early - but if you want to perform, don't let that hold you back. You're more than welcome to participate as a busker or group of street performers.

If you'd like to perform at our event (on a stage, or roaming), mail [email protected]


It takes a village to create Streetopia. Many hands are needed on deck to make it run smoothly, so if you're in the area and are interested in volunteering, we'd love to have you on board. There are many ways you can volunteer for Streetopia:

- lend a hand with the erection of signage (or painting signs)
- help with erection of artworks or decor on the day, and taking them down
- volunteer to become a Community Ranger (community mediator) - training dates published here soon
- transportation of artworks and decor

If you're interested in volunteering, take a look at the options on the right. Thanks!

Set up: This is the team that assist in erecting and placing event infrastructure. It's a great way to get to meet the people involved in creating some of the magic of the event, and the work is done on the Friday evening before our event day, and then again on the Saturday morning before our event schedule kicks off.
Click here to sign up to assist with setting up Streetopia.

Strike Crew: Of course, what goes up must come down - and we have a team whose job it is to see to it that everything gets taken down in one piece and packed away. If you're good with packing and enjoy endless banter, you'll fit right in with this crew.
Click here to join our Strike Crew.

Art Assistants: If you've got a love for artworks, and have a keen eye for the best location for a piece that will bring out its best, this one's for you!
Click here to assist with Art at Streetopia.

Leave No Trace: As our event team seeks to leave the entire event area in a better state than we found it, we're looking for eagle-eyed volunteers who can assist with identifying MOOP (matter out of place) and ensuring it's managed so that the residents of Melville wake up to a spotless neighbourhood after the day's done. If you're interested in helping in this area, you can sign up for shifts.
Click here to help leave Melville better than we found it.

Community Rangers: These are community mediators – they’re not the cops – and the kind of person that’s ideal is part lifeguard, part mediator, part troubadour. If you think you fit that description, sign up and prepare to have a great day meeting all sorts of people.
Click here to sign up as a Ranger at Streetopia.

General Volunteer? If you'd rather assist as a general volunteer, no problem - mail our team on [email protected] and they'll assist by providing info about the various ways your time and skills could fit in.

Thanks to everyone that's stepped up and offered their help so far over the years!


In supporting the event, Civil Society Organisation, Non-Governmental Organisations and civic organisations would have the option to erect an information stall at which they could provide information on their service and engage in signing up residents to become active members of their organisation. They would also be able to sign volunteers up to assist with the event, and undergo Community Ranger Training. 

Opportunities for these organisations to engage with the LOCAL Community and event attendees include (but aren't limited to):

- engaging in street-based activities
- participating in discussions held at the event
- distribution of information

If you're interested in getting involved on an organisational level then mail us on [email protected]


Looking to sell some wares or provide some snacks?

The event will see sections of Melville transformed into a vibrant market space, with priority given to traders from the area and surrounds that host stalls offering food, (non-alcoholic) beverage and art & craft. For Jozi businesses that fall outside the event footprint, this would be a means to benefit from trade on the day, as well as raise awareness of their location, products and services. This is line with the focus of Streetopia being a community-based event which actively seeks to involve residents and serve the community it's located in.


Info for Melville businesses

On November 29th 2015, the first Streetopia was hosted in Observatory with the support, participation and engagement of local civic organisations, residents and artists from AfrikaBurn and the Obs community. The event saw over 3000 people enjoy a day filled with art, performance and a wide variety of activities – all for free.

Businesses in the event area enjoyed a bumper day’s trade, and for many of those selling food and drink, this extended into the evening. This has also been the case every year, with greater numbers of community members and visitors enjoying the day on our streets and engaging with the many activities that are laid on for free.

With Streetopia now well-established and generating a positive sentiment in Cape Town, we’re expecting the first Jozi event to be well attended – which directly benefits businesses based in Melville (whether located in premises in the event area, or trading on the day in the Market).

It’s important to note that the kind of funding provided by AfrikaBurn for the first event – is not sustainable. In order for the event to be sustainable, an appeal is being made to business owners in the area to support Streetopia through a donation that would go towards ensuring the event can continue and attract a diverse number of residents and other Joburgers.

In providing support to the event, supporting businesses will enjoy the following:

– listing on the event guide map and on this website, and also on Streetopia’s Facebook page
– opportunity to partner with performers in the vicinity of their premises
– designation as a supporter through posters & stickers placed at the entrance of business premises
– option to host a stall in the marketplace (excludes alcohol vendors)

For more info on how businesses can support the event, please see this page.


Thank you to all residents, business owners and civic organisations for their partnership and support - Streetopia simply would not be possible without it!