It's true that AfrikaBurn organises the event, but to create Streetopia takes a village - and that village is Melville!

It's with great thanks that we acknowledge the support of businesses and civic organisations in helping us to make Streetopia happen. You can identify official supporters by the sticker you see below - when next you're strolling around our hood and spot the Supporter sticker, pop in and say hi, and thank them for helping to make the event happen.

If you know of anyone in the area that would like to support Streetopia, please let them know about our Donate page, thanks.


Civic Organisation Partners:

To stage our event in a residential neighbourhood could not happen without the support of civic organisations who assist with logistical, infrastructural and municipal event needs such as waste management, traffic and safety co-ordination, road closures, sanitation and many other aspects. Below are civic partners whose support the event team are very grateful for:


Melville Residents Association

Performing the role of an interface between the Melville community and municipal and governmental organisations, the MRA have been of great help to Streetopia in assisting to alert the business community to the event and ways in which it can be supported.


Jozi Burners

This organisation is an offshoot of the AfrikaBurn NPO, and is used to realise experimentation and creativity in the Johanesburg area and surrounds. 


City of Johannesburg

Facilitating our event's permit and providing support in the form of essential event services such as Traffic officers on the day, the City is a partner in Streetopia and in the continued growth of our event.



An arts advocacy and social change movement, operating as a non profit organisation in South Africa. Hosts of an amazing yearly event, they plan to change the world through events and gatherings much like Streetopia. 


Business Supporters:

Massive thanks to all businesses that have shown their support thus far - their donations are helping our event to fund more art and activities on the day so our event grows, and truly becomes a community affair. If you're in the area, show them some love!



Ziggy's Pet Pamporium

11D, 7th Street, Melvílle

We'd like to thank Ziggy's Pet Pamporium for their generous donation
towards our team covering the costs of our event - and also for creating a
Doggy Fancy Dress Competition on the day! 

Find their Facebook page here.


Lucky Bean Restaurant
16, 7th Street, Melville

Shout out to the Lucky Bean team for their fantastic support through funding
one of our event's stages, which has provided many performers with a great space
to showcase their talents!

Find the Lucky Bean website here, and Facebook here.


De La Creme Melville
4th Avenue & 7th Street, Melville
011 726 7716

One of the oldest confectioneries in Jozi, making an amazing range of delicacies that are all available in their superb store, support them!

Visit their Facebook page here.